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8 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone should know about

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Have you heard of these Instagram hacks and features? Even if you’re an Instagram pro, these 8 hidden tricks will make your life easier and will have you taking better photos faster than ever before! You won’t believe what you’ve been missing until you learn about these Instagram hacks that everyone should know about.

1) Use #Hashtags On Every Post

It seems simple, but hashtags are an effective way to increase your reach and attract like-minded users. By using a hashtag, you’re increasing your visibility within a larger community of users who share similar interests as you. For example, if you use #photography in all of your posts (assuming it’s relevant), any user searching for photography tips or inspiration will likely find and follow you. This will help connect you with other users and build a loyal following over time. 

2) Like Other Posts

Want to appear in more than one person’s story at once? Check out a feature called multiple likes, which allows you to like multiple photos in a single story at once.

3) Reply To Comments

One of my favorite features on Instagram is called comment replies. It allows you to directly answer any comments that are made about your pictures in real-time. This feature is great for building trust and authority with your followers.

4) Go Live On Periscope Or Facebook Live

Although they are not as popular, live-streaming apps like Periscope and Facebook Live can be a lot of fun. They are great if you want to try something new and don’t want to worry about your viewers.

5) Create A Vlog On YouTube

It’s easier than ever to create a vlog that covers your area of expertise.

6) Use Superzoom Instead Of Panorama

Superzoom is an easy-to-use camera feature that lets you take photos up to 27 megapixels in size, depending on how far away your subject is.

7) Add Geotags To Your Pictures

One of Instagram’s lesser-known features is geotagging. This allows you to tag your photos with a specific location, letting people know where you are or where a picture was taken.

8) Ask For An Edit Or Have Someone Help You Edit Your Pictures

Have someone edit your pictures for you. Sure, it’s not free but if you want to look like a pro on Instagram, it’s an investment worth making. Alternatively, ask a friend or family member for help editing your photos.


So, this topic concludes the articles on the 8 hidden Instagram Hacks & features everyone should know about. I hope this article finds it helpful to you.   If you get any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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