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7 Instagram tips and tricks that will Amaze you

Instagram has been popular among smartphone users for years, and with new features added regularly, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Here are seven Instagram tips and tricks you need to know in 2022.

1) Use Hashtags to Get Featured on the Explore Page

The explore page is a special feed that keeps users up-to-date on recent trending hashtags. The more likes and comments your picture receives, especially from users outside of your network, the chances are you’ll end up featured on it.

2) Use #Hashtags Sparingly

Hashtags are an excellent way to increase your visibility on Instagram. However, using too many hashtags or using irrelevant ones can diminish your reach by making it harder for people to find you organically.

3) Be consistent with your hashtags

Hashtags are a simple way to make your content more discoverable. If you can find popular hashtags, you have a better chance of seeing your post shared by influencers, journalists, or brands.

4) Try Video Hashtags

Hashtags on photos are a great way to increase engagement, but did you know that video posts can also use hashtags? Adding a # at the end of your video’s title allows anyone who searches for that hashtag to find your content. There are some restrictions: you can only use five hashtags per post, so choose wisely!

5) Create an Editorial Calendar

Instagram is a pretty fast-paced social media channel, so it can be easy to get caught up in a post now, edit later mindset. This strategy is fine when you’re publishing photos that need minimal editing, but if you have any say over your Instagram presence—be it personal or professional—you’ll benefit from planning out your content well ahead of time.

6) Focus on Quality over Quantity

With Instagram’s algorithm changing so frequently, it’s important to focus on what they do want: quality. That means original, engaging content. Don’t expect to gain a large following if you post generic travel photos or regram content from other accounts. Make sure your images are high quality and that your captions add value for followers—and make sure you use #hashtags correctly!

7) Use Square Pictures

The idea behind a square picture is that your image will take up more of your followers’ feeds. A study has shown that people are twice as likely to look at an image that’s 640×640 than they are at one that’s 320×320. As you grow your account, consider switching from square images back to horizontal ones, since most brands use a horizontal image for their main profile picture. But for now, give squares a shot.


So, this topic concludes the articles on Instagram tips and tricks. I hope this article finds it helpful to you.   If you get any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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